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77 East Clinton Street

Single Family Colonial

Size: 1902 sqft

​Bedrooms: 4

Baths: 2.5

Yard: 0.97 acres

Price: Available on request​

This home has been meticulously restored! New  Master Suite with walk-in shower & soaker tub. New  large open floor-plan. New large kitchen with modern appliance.

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90 Acushnet Avenue

Three Family Home

Size: 1734 sqft

​Bedrooms: 7 total

Baths: 3 total

Price: Available on request

First Floor: 3 br, 1 bath

Second Floor Front: Cottage-style, 2br, 1 bath

Second Floor Rear: Cottage-style, 2br, 1 bath

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297 Maxfield​ Street

Two Family Home

Size: 2429 sqft

​Bedrooms: 6 total

Baths: 2 total

Yard: 0.068 acres

Price: Available on request​

​First Floor: 2 br, 1 bath

Second Floor: Cottage-style, 4 br, 1 bath

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